Port a Potty

There’s one sitting in our parking lot at this very moment. Wanna know why? Our bathroom will be under construction for the next four weeks so the company has brought in the finest port - a - potty that they could find. Apparently it is state of the art, with running water and heat.

I am not sure about the timing though. Having to go outside to use the bathroom when the weather is this chilly is not pleasant; even if it is heated. I think that the summer would have been better planning on the company’s part. I have to admit, it’s big. It’s taking up about 7 parking spaces. But I won’t be able to tell you what it looks like inside.

I can’t stand port – a – potty’s and I refuse to use them. Something about them really grosses me out. I would rather drive to the gas station or the donut shop and use the bathroom there than use the potty that is sitting outside.