Happy November!

Kinda late, I know.

But tada!! A brand new layout!!

I really like this one, it suits me. The other one was alright but it was one that I just settled for because what I was trying to do wasn’t working.

I don’t really have anything of substance to say, I just wanted to acknowledge my new layout.

P.S. Less than 2 months until Christmas!!!! Time to get crack – a – lacking!! (Not sure what that means, I just wanted to use it in a sentence)

Candy Scrooges!

Halloween it tomorrow and I am super excited. I love Halloween. Any holiday where you can dress up and eat candy is my kind of occasion but apparently there are not a lot of people agree with me. I was talking to a bunch of people and a lot of them are not dressing up or giving out candy tomorrow.

I find that very sad.

I mean don’t they realize that they are going to be disappointing a ton of kids. Halloween is one of the funnest (not a real word, I know) holidays for kids. (I think the most favorite holiday would have to be Christmas but Halloween is a close second.) And they are basically slamming the door in their face. And there are ramifications for not giving out candy. The true hoodlums will egg and/or toilet paper your house.

I am not too concerned about the vandalism part. My house has only even been egged once and that had nothing to do with Halloween. That happened because the area residents felt that a family with our complexion should not be living in their neighborhood. That is another post though.

Back to the candy scrooges –

I think that they are just mean spirited people. I could not disappoint the kids like that. They come out in the rain, snow and freezing cold dressed up as their favorite super hero because they like it. Candy is their reward for basically braving some crazy weather and going door to door to show off their costume.

But the candy scrooges that tick me off even more than the ones that don’t open their doors are the ones that take their kids trick or treating. They don’t give out candy but they have the audacity to take their kids out and expect other people to give them candy. WTF!!

So to all the candy scrooges out there - have a heart, buy a bag of candy and give it out.

I ♥ my job... part 2

Dear Arrogant Bozo

It gives me great pleasure to hold the door open for you. It is the highlight of my day. There is no need to thank me, nod in my direction or acknowledge me in anyway.

I know that you are a very busy person, always deep in thought. I mean you are a manager and you are probably preoccupied with your managerial concerns; like where to go to lunch and your company car, and those matters have replaced common courtesy.

I understand that because I am your subordinate I am non – existent to you, barely a person and because of this there is no need for you to concern yourself with me. You have to save your voice for your superiors, speaking to me would be too draining on you.

So have a nice day and I hope you don’t ever forget your card again, because I just turned up my iPod and I won’t be able to hear you knocking on the window to get in.

Kindest Regards,

I ♥ my job

Dear Genius

Thanks ever so much for dumping water into the sugar bowl. It was great reaching in there this morning and finding all the sugar packets sopping wet, turning the entire container into a sticky mess. I mean I filled up the sugar container the last three times just so you could have some place to dump your mug full of water. Nothing pleases me more than cleaning up after you.

I realize that your hands are broken and that you are able to grab some paper towel from the roll that is all of three inches away and clean up your mess. I also understand that since you are the only person in the entire company that uses the sugar bowl and you can treat it as you please.

But I have one small, (teensy, really) request. Would you be able to meet me around back? My boot would like to meet your butt.

Kindest Regards,

One day a year...

I am a good Hindu.

To those that are and those that aren't - I still wish you nothing but the best. May this new year be filled with love, peace, and happiness.

How Rude!

What the hell is wrong with people?! Is rudeness acceptable now? Why don't people say please and thank you anymore? I was out today and I swear I was a jackass magnet. I have no idea why, but except for a select few, everyone out there today was a prick.

I mean come on, if you see a someone with a stroller, a toddler in a winter jacket and a baby bag that looks like it can hold Cairo racing towards the elevator, hold the damn elevator. Don't look at them blankly as the door closes in their face. Or if you see someone with all the stuff listed about trying to make their way through a closed door, how the damn door open!! Don't squeak through it and let it slam in their face. And if some kind person is holding the door open for them, it is not an invitation for you to go through also.

It's obvious that when God was handing out sommon sense they were climbing up the ugly tree!! Jackasses!!

Drunk with Power

Here’s some background into my company. We are three companies under one big umbrella. We share the same building and most times it is hard to tell who does what. Each company has their own GM and that person is responsible to reporting to the president. We operate as separate entities except for social events.

That being said the annual Halloween contest email went out yesterday and this caused a coronary with the newest GM. He had a hissy fit and informed all of his staff that Halloween costumes are not allowed. He will send how anyone wearing a costume and dock their pay.

WTF?!?! Halloween is supposed to be fun. Is he going to ban candy too???

This really sucks because the rest of us will all be dressed up and they will have to wear suits. I really feel for them because they had been planning to dress up as a company of zombies since the beginning of October and now he has taken that all away.

He’s a prime example of someone who takes advantage of his position.

P.S. He has made attendance at the Christmas party mandatory and no spouses are allowed. Again: WTF?!?!