How Rude!

What the hell is wrong with people?! Is rudeness acceptable now? Why don't people say please and thank you anymore? I was out today and I swear I was a jackass magnet. I have no idea why, but except for a select few, everyone out there today was a prick.

I mean come on, if you see a someone with a stroller, a toddler in a winter jacket and a baby bag that looks like it can hold Cairo racing towards the elevator, hold the damn elevator. Don't look at them blankly as the door closes in their face. Or if you see someone with all the stuff listed about trying to make their way through a closed door, how the damn door open!! Don't squeak through it and let it slam in their face. And if some kind person is holding the door open for them, it is not an invitation for you to go through also.

It's obvious that when God was handing out sommon sense they were climbing up the ugly tree!! Jackasses!!