Candy Scrooges!

Halloween it tomorrow and I am super excited. I love Halloween. Any holiday where you can dress up and eat candy is my kind of occasion but apparently there are not a lot of people agree with me. I was talking to a bunch of people and a lot of them are not dressing up or giving out candy tomorrow.

I find that very sad.

I mean don’t they realize that they are going to be disappointing a ton of kids. Halloween is one of the funnest (not a real word, I know) holidays for kids. (I think the most favorite holiday would have to be Christmas but Halloween is a close second.) And they are basically slamming the door in their face. And there are ramifications for not giving out candy. The true hoodlums will egg and/or toilet paper your house.

I am not too concerned about the vandalism part. My house has only even been egged once and that had nothing to do with Halloween. That happened because the area residents felt that a family with our complexion should not be living in their neighborhood. That is another post though.

Back to the candy scrooges –

I think that they are just mean spirited people. I could not disappoint the kids like that. They come out in the rain, snow and freezing cold dressed up as their favorite super hero because they like it. Candy is their reward for basically braving some crazy weather and going door to door to show off their costume.

But the candy scrooges that tick me off even more than the ones that don’t open their doors are the ones that take their kids trick or treating. They don’t give out candy but they have the audacity to take their kids out and expect other people to give them candy. WTF!!

So to all the candy scrooges out there - have a heart, buy a bag of candy and give it out.

I ♥ my job... part 2

Dear Arrogant Bozo

It gives me great pleasure to hold the door open for you. It is the highlight of my day. There is no need to thank me, nod in my direction or acknowledge me in anyway.

I know that you are a very busy person, always deep in thought. I mean you are a manager and you are probably preoccupied with your managerial concerns; like where to go to lunch and your company car, and those matters have replaced common courtesy.

I understand that because I am your subordinate I am non – existent to you, barely a person and because of this there is no need for you to concern yourself with me. You have to save your voice for your superiors, speaking to me would be too draining on you.

So have a nice day and I hope you don’t ever forget your card again, because I just turned up my iPod and I won’t be able to hear you knocking on the window to get in.

Kindest Regards,

I ♥ my job

Dear Genius

Thanks ever so much for dumping water into the sugar bowl. It was great reaching in there this morning and finding all the sugar packets sopping wet, turning the entire container into a sticky mess. I mean I filled up the sugar container the last three times just so you could have some place to dump your mug full of water. Nothing pleases me more than cleaning up after you.

I realize that your hands are broken and that you are able to grab some paper towel from the roll that is all of three inches away and clean up your mess. I also understand that since you are the only person in the entire company that uses the sugar bowl and you can treat it as you please.

But I have one small, (teensy, really) request. Would you be able to meet me around back? My boot would like to meet your butt.

Kindest Regards,

One day a year...

I am a good Hindu.

To those that are and those that aren't - I still wish you nothing but the best. May this new year be filled with love, peace, and happiness.

How Rude!

What the hell is wrong with people?! Is rudeness acceptable now? Why don't people say please and thank you anymore? I was out today and I swear I was a jackass magnet. I have no idea why, but except for a select few, everyone out there today was a prick.

I mean come on, if you see a someone with a stroller, a toddler in a winter jacket and a baby bag that looks like it can hold Cairo racing towards the elevator, hold the damn elevator. Don't look at them blankly as the door closes in their face. Or if you see someone with all the stuff listed about trying to make their way through a closed door, how the damn door open!! Don't squeak through it and let it slam in their face. And if some kind person is holding the door open for them, it is not an invitation for you to go through also.

It's obvious that when God was handing out sommon sense they were climbing up the ugly tree!! Jackasses!!

Drunk with Power

Here’s some background into my company. We are three companies under one big umbrella. We share the same building and most times it is hard to tell who does what. Each company has their own GM and that person is responsible to reporting to the president. We operate as separate entities except for social events.

That being said the annual Halloween contest email went out yesterday and this caused a coronary with the newest GM. He had a hissy fit and informed all of his staff that Halloween costumes are not allowed. He will send how anyone wearing a costume and dock their pay.

WTF?!?! Halloween is supposed to be fun. Is he going to ban candy too???

This really sucks because the rest of us will all be dressed up and they will have to wear suits. I really feel for them because they had been planning to dress up as a company of zombies since the beginning of October and now he has taken that all away.

He’s a prime example of someone who takes advantage of his position.

P.S. He has made attendance at the Christmas party mandatory and no spouses are allowed. Again: WTF?!?!

Giganto Chicken

The above refers to me and no one else. I have become a giganto chicken. My love of horror movies has resulted in my damaged psyche. OK that might be going a bit too far, but those movies have messed me up big time especially around Halloween.

Yesterday I was sitting here, reading about the haunted farm that I want to see, and I guess I got a bit too engrossed in what I was reading. One of the girls came up behind me and said ‘Hi’ and touched my shoulder. I jumped out of my seat and I screamed so loud that people in cubicles three rows over stood up to see what was wrong.

Um, yeah I was embarrassed. I went red and she laughed so hard she cried. So on that note I am going to stay far away from the creepy, crawly, frightening and the ghoulish from now on unless I feel like wetting myself!

Operation Skinny Bitch

In my battle to lose weight, I have called in the big guns. I have started following Operation Skinny Bitch.

As the name suggests it is a support group for getting healthy. And gosh dangit I want to be a skinny bitch!!!

So wish me luck, and hopefully by 2009 I will be 30 pounds lighter.

Sucky Night + Cold Morning = Cranky Meli

I am in a cranky mood. Last night combined with this morning is to blame and I am trying to shake this mood. Last night wasn’t the greatest. It wasn’t the worst either but it was just filled with crappy moments.

Crappy Moment # 1 – got my exam back. As I suspected I did awful, but it was a lot worse than I expected. I got 99% on the first exam so I expecting to maybe get a 79 – 85% on this one. Nope, nowhere close to that. I failed. To pass you needed a 65 and I got a 61. The average mark was a 65, so I was definitely below average. I was in such a crappy mood after getting back the exam; I didn’t even stay until the end of class. I left as soon as I saw my mark.

Crappy Moment # 2 – my computer imploded. Or at least I think it did. When it was starting up it would make two loud clicks and then shut off again. I am not too upset about the lap top dying, I was expecting to actually. It’s old and been beat up a lot. But I had pictures saved on the hard drive that I hadn’t transferred over yet. So now I am not sure if I have lost them or not. I am going to have my techie BIL take a look at it and beg him to get them out.

Crappy Moment # 3 – shower induced head cold. Not sure how I did it but as soon as I stepped out of the shower last night I got a head cold. So I was stuffy, sneezy and had a headache from hell. It’s still here, and I feel like I am breathing through a pillow.

Cold Morning – it’s 5 right now without the windchill. With the windchill we are below freezing. It’s certainly not summer anymore.


As I sit here I have a coat & scarf on and I am huddled as close as humanly possible to my space heater but I can’t get warm. You want to know why?? It’s freezing in my office. For whatever reason my office has decided to turn on the AC, even though it is just above freezing outside. Somebody somewhere in here has decided that they are hot and they need the AC on. I can promise you when I find that person I am going to strip them down to their underwear, put ice cubes in their briefs (because I know it is a guy) and make them work outside for the rest of the day. If they’re that hot, they shouldn’t mind.

OK, I am not going to do that but it is a really nice thought. :)
Now if you’ll excuse me I need to crawl back under my desk and sit on my heater.


One semi – social, intelligent, well spoken chick who loves books and reading, can’t live without the Food network and Martha Stewart. If found please return to me as soon as possible.

Last night I went out to dinner with a friend of mine. We’ve been friends since we were 13, so we have known each other for more than half our lives. She moved to the UK when she was 18 and continued moving to new and exotic places after that. So far she has lived in London, Dubai and Bahrain. She has a pretty cool life and is always traveling. She has been to all the continents except for Antarctica! At 29 that is impressive!! She only comes to town once a year and I try to hang out with her whenever she is here.

Last night at dinner she was telling me all these great stories, and funny adventures that she went on and I had nada to respond with. I had no funny stories, no exciting news, no anything to add to the conversation. I didn’t even have any witty responses to some of her questions.

I realized that I was boring. I wasn’t always boring but in the course of a year (which is when I had seen her last) nothing in my life had changed. I couldn’t help feeling like I had lost me. I hadn’t done anything, gone anywhere, or even spoken to people that were outside my immediate family or work. I don’t know where the semi – outgoing person that I used to be went nor do I know how to find that person again. The thought of spending my evenings away from Maks bothers me but the idea that I am losing myself and slowly just becoming a ‘wifey’ and ‘mommy’ bothers me too. Don’t get me wrong, I love being a wife & mother but there is so much more to my personality. Or at least I think there is, I could be wrong.

Love Me Some Rushdie *swoon*

Almost finished reading Salman Rushdie’s lastest novel; The Enchantress of Florence and I am loving it. He is some a phenomenal author I just had to share. He is an amazing story teller who can weave history, politics and fiction into this hypnotic collection of stories and events. His stories have a mass appeal that makes them enjoyable to academics and book lovers alike. I love his ability to use hegemony in a non – academic context!!

This book is no exception. He draws you into a story featuring Machiavelli as a central character and then spins in to incorporating Arabian princesses and Persian mercenaries. It is brilliant.

I am the first to admit that he is not an easy read. It takes time to savor his work but once you get hooked there is no turning back. It you haven’t read one of his books I suggest you do. My favorite of all time is Shame, followed closely by Shalimar the Clown and I recommend that you start with one of those.

I ♥ Salman Rushdie.

Dearest winter

How do I loathe thee, let me count the ways.

1. I hate that make the sun go into hiding, forcing me to drive into work in the dark. And making the sun set at noon!

2. I hate your icy winds that freeze my fingers and cause my nose to run non stop.

3. I hate having to dig my car out of three feet of snow and de-ice my door before I can drive home.

4. I hate having to wear sensible shoes and unflattering winter hats.

5. I hate having to put a snowsuit on a toddler and then attempt to strap that toddler into a car seat.

Please, please go away. And if you refuse to go away at least go easy on us.


Sip, swish, spit….repeat process

My boss is in the process of planning our annual Christmas ‘activity’. In previous years we’ve gone bowling or to a pool hall but this year she wants to do something more ‘upscale’, so we are going wine tasting!

I am by no means a wine connoisseur, I know little to nothing about wine. My liquor of choice is tequila, Southern Comfort or rum. I only drink wine when I am truly desperate and I have no other choice.

Left to my own devices, I tend to buy the $7 wine in tetra packs that can be resealed in case I get drunk before I finish it. (I’m one classy chick, I know.) So going on a wine tasting tour is not my idea of fun. OK scratch that, it would be my idea of fun if I could go with a bunch of people that I actually liked and didn’t have to worry about acting silly or getting sloshed. Instead, I am going with my department which is full of pretentious fuddy duddies and the only way that I would have a good time is if I get hammered out of my mind, which would lead to a very embarrassing Monday morning.

I would much rather go bowling.

Sexy vs. Sweet

Halloween is almost here and I don’t know what to be. For the past five years I’ve been ‘sleepy’. I come into the office in my pj’s, fuzzy slippers and a teddy. It’s great for me, because I am comfortable and warm the entire day. It is one of the few days where I don’t complain about the cold and I am most productive. But my costume is getting old. When people just assume that I am going to be ‘sleepy’ it makes me want to change things up.

But I don’t know what to be. I went costume shopping this weekend and the choices are a bit too risqué for the office. The thought of coming in as a Catholic schoolgirl or sexy devil doesn’t appeal to me. (People do come in as these things, but I just can’t make myself dress like that*. Well for work anyway.)

I want something cute, wholesome and fun. Is that too much to ask? Do you have any suggestions on what I can be?

*The HR girl that takes great pleasure in writing me up for dress code violations has come in as both and is probably planning as something just as scandalous this year. I am not hating – I just don’t like her and she doesn’t have the body to rock these outfits.

Signs my day is going to suck…

  • Woke up thinking that it was Saturday and was all happy because Maks was sleeping in. IT’S NOT SATURDAY!! And we were really late!!
  • I didn’t have time to dry my hair and now the back of my shirt is wet and cold.
  • Maks slept on our bed and shared my pillow so I slept funny. Now my back, neck and shoulder are stiff and achy.
  • I broke my shoe hurdling over a hedge trying to stop Maks from getting into my cranky neighbors flowers. Since it is my only pair of closed toe shoes I am wearing the broken shoe right this second. Can we say ghetto??
  • I got in so late that someone took my chocolate croissant from the kitchen.

I wish I could have stayed home and slept.

Wii Mii – Fitness Update

Millhouse is a Wii hog!! I haven’t been able to keep up with my fitness regime because he hogs the Wii and plays tennis all the time. So yesterday after a ton of whining he let me on to the Fit. And can I tell you how I wish I hadn’t.

Here are our latest stats (keep in mind that we have only had the Fit for about a week now):

Millhouse -> -3.75 lbs
Meli -> -0.6 lbs

In a week Millhouse lost almost 4 pounds and I have yet to lose one!! I’m the one eating salad, in fact yesterday he ate McDonalds for lunch and I had a salad!!


Why can't my past stay in the past?

I have a very checkered past. OK no I don’t, I have a very simple past - my ex-boyfriend liked to beat me.

We were together for about six years and the beatings didn’t start right away. After about two years of fighting and constant breaking up, the hitting started. I was punched in the face & stomach, I was slapped almost daily, I was raped and had a knife held to my throat several times. He came to my work and beat me up in the staircase. He choked me until I couldn’t scream anymore and then punched me in the stomach. And yes, your boyfriend can rape you. If you say no and they keep going, it is rape. I used to wake up to find him on top of me refusing to stop even as I cried and begged. He held a knife to my throat and threatened to cut out my smile because a salesman in a store said I had a very pretty smile.

It took a lot for me to leave. I thought I loved him, no I lie, I thought I wasn’t good enough for anyone else. I had self worth issues, and felt that there was no one else in this world that would love me. Nobody else out there would want me. There were some serious issues at home and I felt very alienated from my parents and sister. He was all that I had, and if the beatings were part of the package, then I would just have to live with them. I tried to leave a couple times and even went so far as to start the ball rolling on a restraining order but I never followed through on anything. We ended up getting back together and I went back to the way things were.

Then I met Milhouse.

On one of our many break ups, I met Milhouse. We met through work and I was getting to know him as part of a deal that was going on between his office and mine. We started off as friends and we were friends for a very long time before we became anything more. He helped to show me just how totally fantabulous I truly am and I love him for that. He’s not perfect but he really does love me.

After a very serious incident with my sister, my niece, Milhouse & my ex, I pressed charges. In total there were 13 charges and he plead guilty to 8 of them. He was given 18 months probation and house arrest. I was given a restraining order.

Well 18 months later, I’m married with a son. I have a new address, phone number and last name. I got a call from his PO today letting me know that his sentence is over and that the restraining order is now expired. I have the option of filing another one as a private citizen (the original one was filed by the police) or just leaving things alone.

I am not sure what I am going to do. If I file a new RO then my ex will be privy to my new address, phone number and name. But if I don’t file a new RO, what if he comes looking for me again? I have nothing to really protect me. I am not sure what steps I should take next. I just wish that my past would stay in the past.

Me spokes good

I have lost whatever hold I ever had on the English language. I just listened to a message that I left on my voicemail (I do that to remind me of things because I tend to misplace post its) and I can’t talk. I don’t know quite what I was trying to say and I was sober at the time!!

My sentences are full of likes, um, and ahs. I hate that! When people put on the valley girl accent and talk like Paris Hilton it drives me crazy, and I do it!! Shoot me now!!

I used to have an extensive vocabulary and take great pride in how I spoke (no sh*t I really did) but not anymore. Maybe this is what the working world has done to me because sure as heck no one speaks proper here. Its either here or TV. I am not sure how its TV’s fault, but everyone always blames TV for stuff so now I am blaming TV too.

Never expected this

It’s no secret that my top drawer is filled with mini chocolate bars and candy. I am quite willing to share. I don’t ask for any money and I encourage my co-workers to come over and take some candy even when I am not here. Some people just come over and ask permission to go in it every single time they come by which is fine by me. And some people just help themselves, also fine by me.

I think of my drawer as contributing to employee morale. Because I know that I would be a cranky ass if I didn’t have it so I apply that logic to just about everyone else.

Yesterday when I came in, I found a present waiting for me. It was from one of the “regulars”. She felt bad about always eating the chocolate, so she went out and bought me a trio of lip glosses. I don’t wear make up at all and the lip gloss will probably end up in my nieces dress up chest. But the gesture itself was very sweet and very unexpected.

As much as my office is filled with dumb asses and snobs, there are some that do make my day.

Wii Mii

We are now the proud owners of a Wii Fit. I was so excited to get it! I took it home and had Milhouse set it up right away. I couldn’t wait to play with it.

Now not so much.

It the past day the Fit has told me that I am a fat, old, out of shape blubber belly. So I am not impressed!

According to it I have the health age of 48!!! And so grossly out of shape that my Wii Mii most closely resembles a Teletubby than a person. I have set it up to help me lose 22 pounds in the next 3 months.

Let’s see how this goes.

Why so serious?

(I just love that line. R.I.P. Heath Ledger)

I usually try to stay away from politics, but I really have to get this out. Firstly, I am Canadian, so I am not a supporter of either candidate so this is not a shot at either of the candidates. Its just an observation.

I have been reading other blogs and I am just shocked at what I am seeing. The US presidential election has just gotten disgusting. The mudslinging and hatred that is being perpetuated is very disturbing. There is so much anger from both sides. Supporters of Obama and McCain are getting so personal. Obama and McCain just entered into the limelight, before that they were like every other senator. A nameless, faceless decision maker. Why is it people are hating them now, you only just met them. Just because they are running for the opposition does not mean that you have to dislike them by association.

Families, age, and religion are nobody's business and should be off limit. Voters should be concerned with the policies that the candidate want to implement not their private lives.

What does a pastor, age or a middle name have to do with economic policy, environmental issues, and a war? Why is it that gestures, eye contact, and hand shakes are being analyzed and commented on but there are in depth analysis being conducted on contingency plans for the billion dollar bailout? Why aren't these issues on the forefront?

This is an election not a popularity contest, I think people have forgotten that.

Brand Spanking New

Port a potties!!

Apparently the head honcho went out and used the port a potty and was not very impressed. So he called in the troops and had the finest, top of the line portable toilets he could find brought it.

And I must say from the outside they look very impressive. Instead of one trailer with six mini stalls there are two trailers with two stalls each. This one looks way cleaner and even the steps are nicer.

I am tempted to go in and have a look see, but I am still traumatized by my last adventure so I am going to wait until I hear more about it from other people.

Adventures in a port a potty

Desperate times lead me outside to the port – a – potty and whoo boy! It was an adventure!

There was a puddle on the step that more closely resembled a lake than a puddle. I had to hike up my skirt and take a very un-lady like step up into the potty to avoid it. Once in there I had to stop myself from gagging.

It was dark and dingy and if my bladder wasn’t on the verge of explosion I would have turned back around and left. But I had no choice; it was either use these facilities or wet myself.

Then it happened. Someone in the potty next door moved and my entire unit shifted to the left. I had to grab onto the paper towel dispenser for balance. I guess whoever it was next door sat back down again because my unit shifted again this time to the right. By this point, I said screw you to my bursting bladder and ran as fast out of the potty. I held it long enough to make it to the proper bathrooms next door.

Never again!!

Giving for the sake of giving

There are certain things in this world that I feel strongly about and cause me to morph into a psycho bitch.

*My opinions may not be shared by all but they are still my opinions and I am entitled to them.*

Don’t mess with my family (this includes my mother, father, son, niece, sister, and husband)
If anyone says anything remotely derogatory about my family, I can and will rip your throat out. I can say whatever I want about them whenever I chose, they are my family and I have that right, no one else does.

Pedophiles (Or anyone that else that mistreats children)
I don’t think that they are human and I don’t think that they such be treated as such. If someone is convicted multiple times over of hurting a child, I believe very firmly that they should be sentenced to corporal punishment. And I am not talking about death by electrocution or lethal injection. I think that they should suffer and die slowly.

All people are equal and should be treated as such
Regardless of gender, race, or religion every being on this planet is deserving of our acceptance and respect. If they do something to lose that respect so be it but no person should be treated like a second class citizen based on who they are. No man, woman or child should be homeless, hungry or cold. Given the society we live in we can help even it we help in the tiniest way.

That being said I am seriously ticked off at the moment.

Thanksgiving is coming up and the Food Bank has started its annual Thanksgiving food drive. Thus far I have made two donations and I fully intend to donate at least one more time before the holiday actually arrives. I don’t make a boatload of money but I have passed on some snack foods this week and I have picked up some extra cans of baby food to put in the donation box. I don’t do this for any kind of recognition; I do it so a baby somewhere in this city doesn’t cry itself to sleep because he/she is hungry.

I know that times are tight and that a lot of people are struggling to make ends meet but it ticks me off to see an empty donation box. Especially in the grocery stores and malls that are ‘up scale’. IMO – if you have the money to afford a Cadillac truck with the rims and the gas to put in it, please just buy a couple cans of soup and drop it in the box. Someone out there needs it or else they wouldn’t be doing these drives.

Also, don’t use a food drive as an excuse to clean out your cupboards. Just cause they can’t afford food doesn’t mean that they want your tea with hoodia in it or soya sauce (no joke that was in there). If you don’t have anything readily available to donate, stop by the store and pick up a can of something – it won’t kill you!

*end rant*

Life is screwing up my diet!

I know that is a sorry excuse, and that I should have the drive and willpower to make some serious life changes. But I don't. I'm lazy and would really like to just take a pill and lose the weight.

But that ain't going to happen. I have to pull up my socks and really work at this.

And I have been trying. This morning I packed up a great breakfast, lunch and snacks. They were all healthy and well balanced. Then I was informed that my attendance was mandatory at lunch. So I forfeited my lunch and went out with the group. And that's when all my wholesome thinking went out the window. I had the option of having a Greek salad with some mineral water or something truly scrumptious ~ a pizza, hamburger, or a warm apple crisp topped with caramel and ice cream. I caved and had a personal pizza and the apple crisp. I couldn't help it, my eyes zoned in on the bad stuff and couldn't focus on the healthy fare.

Maybe I need glasses, or maybe I just need to stop going out for lunch either way I blame life because if it wasn't so busy I would be skinny.

I feel like crap!


Kingston bit Destructo and Milhouse and that is the final straw. He bit Destructo so hard that he tore a hole in his pants but he didn't break the skin. But when Milhouse tried to get Kingston away from Destructo, Kingston bit him on the hand, hard. He broke skin that time in two places.

The pooping I can take and the barking at night has pretty much stopped but I will not tolerate biting. Nipping I understand, he's a puppy and he is teething but biting a grown man so hard that it breaks the skin is not nipping.

So we've decided that it may be best to look into getting Kingston a new home. And I feel like crap about that. I really wish that I had read the puppy book before we got the puppy. I really wish that we had thought about this the whole way through before we got the puppy. Now we're in a really crappy situation.


I am so sorry Stinky for messing with your mind and getting you attached to the dog and then taking him away. I am so sorry Baby for getting you a pet when you weren't ready and for having to take away your best friend. I am so sorry Kingston for getting you used to our home and then taking away from everything that you know.

God, I feel like sh*t. :(


On my way back from the lunchroom, I was walking behind one of my co-workers. I don’t know his name and to be honest I don’t know him very well. But he’s been here for as long as I have and he always lets me use the hot water before him in the kitchen. So in my mind that makes him a nice guy.

Anyway, as I was walking back I noticed that he had a chocolate bar wrapper stuck to his butt. I have no idea how it got there, and I don’t usually make it a habit to look at his bottom but a bright orange wrapper on black dress pants can’t be missed.

So my dilemma was:

a) Do I tell him that he has a wrapper stuck to his butt? The problem with that is that he’ll think I was checking out his bum and really I don’t want him thinking that I was looking at his butt.

b) Do I walk over and swat it off, and tell him there was a bee or something? That would require me getting really close to his butt and again that is not a situation I want to be in.

c) Do I just leave it alone? If I do, won’t that be bad Karma and then the next time I have something stuck to my ass people will just let me walk around with it there and not tell me, possibly laughing the entire time??

I chose C but I don’t think that is what Jesus would do.

My brain ain't what it used to be

I just had my first exam for my GAC and it went crappy. My brain isn't what it used to be. At one point in my life I was really smart, but my mind has lost its ability to retain information. I knew that I was going to do crappy on the exam, I just knew it.

My mind just wasn't able to retain anything that I was reading, even during the exam, I wasn't able to concentrate. I was putting together grocery lists in my head rather than concentrating on the test. I guess maybe my priorities have changed or maybe I am just not into this class. Whatever it is, one thing is clear, this class is a waste of my time.

I have no intention of staying in this field for much longer, so why am I killing myself over this class. I have to seriously think about whether or not I want to keep going or not because right now I am leaning towards dropping out, and that is so not like me.

Have you seen my mind?

I lost it somewhere. I am not sure where it went but I am sure it is around here someplace.

Studying for the exam for the GAC has made me realize that my brain is not what it used to be. I can’t retain any information and its driving me nuts. I can’t sit down and concentrate. My mind wanders, I start to doodle and it is all over. I can foresee me failing this exam.

P.S. The exam is tonight and it is worth 40% of my final mark. Wish me luck!!

Can you see me?!?

I am the most junior person in my department. Not the dumbest by far but the youngest and (I can admit it) the most immature. I don’t have aspirations of being a big boss or anything. Hell, I really don’t even want to be a supervisor; if I did I would be one.

But it ticks me off something fierce when I get ignored. Don’t introduce every other person in the department and leave me out. Don’t list every single other person and leave my name out. If I am such an optional employee, I can accept that, but don’t ignore me until you need my help.

Under Construction

Mother&*%$^&* HTML!!

As you can see, I have a new lay out up. And guess what.......I hate it!!

It's not what I envisioned and I am having a heck of a time getting it to look like what I want it to look like. I've been working on this for almost 2 hours and it is killing me.

I am taking a break because if I don't I may throw the computer through a window!

Wish me luck and hopefully when you check back this should look the way I want it to.

Port a Potty

There’s one sitting in our parking lot at this very moment. Wanna know why? Our bathroom will be under construction for the next four weeks so the company has brought in the finest port - a - potty that they could find. Apparently it is state of the art, with running water and heat.

I am not sure about the timing though. Having to go outside to use the bathroom when the weather is this chilly is not pleasant; even if it is heated. I think that the summer would have been better planning on the company’s part. I have to admit, it’s big. It’s taking up about 7 parking spaces. But I won’t be able to tell you what it looks like inside.

I can’t stand port – a – potty’s and I refuse to use them. Something about them really grosses me out. I would rather drive to the gas station or the donut shop and use the bathroom there than use the potty that is sitting outside.

Time to get freaky

You dirty minded people, I didn’t mean that! Maybe it should have said time to get freaked out.

Anyway I just flipped the calendar and it’s October!! When did that happen!?!? OK, I know when it happened, right after September 31st. But come on isn’t this year going by too fast?!?!

I am still in a summer frame of mind; I haven’t even dug out my winter stuff yet, which is probably why I am freezing on most days. But I just can’t believe that the year is almost done; there are still so many things that I need to get started on.

The only good thing about this is FEARFEST!! Well that’s what I am calling it. Apparently every weekend in October I will be venturing out to some fearful location to be scared out of my mind.

There’s Screemers, Halloween Haunt at Canada’s Wonderland and the Haunted Farm . I am not going by choice my sister and Milhouse are making me go. I used to love going to these things but not anymore, I get scared out of my mind by these things, and I may wet my pants but I am going. Wish me luck and I will definitely put up some posts on my adventures with the dead.

P.S. There are only 83 days left until Christmas. That’s less than three months!

Canada’s having an election too

There’s an election going on in the US, big whoop di doo!!! We’re having an election too. True, ours may not be a gossip filled, mudslinging, racial and gender profiling media circus but it’s still a big deal.

So I am going to take a moment and get political.

*steps up onto soap box*

Come Election Day, I will be voting for the NDP (New Democratic Party). I have always and I will probably always vote for the NDP. I come from an immigrant working class family. We have not nor will we ever be considered to be the upper class of Canada and that is just fine with me. This country is not made up of the elite; it is made up of the working class.

The NDP is the only party that recognizes working families. They have initiatives that would work in favour of the little guy and I think that is a great thing. I truly believe in their ideologies and I think that Jack Layton is a phenomenal leader.

So if you haven’t gotten around to looking into the NDP, please do, they are looking out for you.

*steps off soap box*

Be careful, it’s contagious

There’s this disease that seems to be making its way around my office. Everyone seems to be getting it. I am not sure what’s causing it but its infested just about everybody.

It’s called idiocy. Just about everyone has turned into a friggin dumbass and it looks like there is no cure. I am not sure when it started, I think it may have been at birth but there are no signs of it letting up.

I am going to hide out in my cubicle and not come out at all for fear that I may hit something who has it in the head with my monitor.