Drunk with Power

Here’s some background into my company. We are three companies under one big umbrella. We share the same building and most times it is hard to tell who does what. Each company has their own GM and that person is responsible to reporting to the president. We operate as separate entities except for social events.

That being said the annual Halloween contest email went out yesterday and this caused a coronary with the newest GM. He had a hissy fit and informed all of his staff that Halloween costumes are not allowed. He will send how anyone wearing a costume and dock their pay.

WTF?!?! Halloween is supposed to be fun. Is he going to ban candy too???

This really sucks because the rest of us will all be dressed up and they will have to wear suits. I really feel for them because they had been planning to dress up as a company of zombies since the beginning of October and now he has taken that all away.

He’s a prime example of someone who takes advantage of his position.

P.S. He has made attendance at the Christmas party mandatory and no spouses are allowed. Again: WTF?!?!