Candy Scrooges!

Halloween it tomorrow and I am super excited. I love Halloween. Any holiday where you can dress up and eat candy is my kind of occasion but apparently there are not a lot of people agree with me. I was talking to a bunch of people and a lot of them are not dressing up or giving out candy tomorrow.

I find that very sad.

I mean don’t they realize that they are going to be disappointing a ton of kids. Halloween is one of the funnest (not a real word, I know) holidays for kids. (I think the most favorite holiday would have to be Christmas but Halloween is a close second.) And they are basically slamming the door in their face. And there are ramifications for not giving out candy. The true hoodlums will egg and/or toilet paper your house.

I am not too concerned about the vandalism part. My house has only even been egged once and that had nothing to do with Halloween. That happened because the area residents felt that a family with our complexion should not be living in their neighborhood. That is another post though.

Back to the candy scrooges –

I think that they are just mean spirited people. I could not disappoint the kids like that. They come out in the rain, snow and freezing cold dressed up as their favorite super hero because they like it. Candy is their reward for basically braving some crazy weather and going door to door to show off their costume.

But the candy scrooges that tick me off even more than the ones that don’t open their doors are the ones that take their kids trick or treating. They don’t give out candy but they have the audacity to take their kids out and expect other people to give them candy. WTF!!

So to all the candy scrooges out there - have a heart, buy a bag of candy and give it out.


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