Crazy a$$ horse

On Sunday hubby, baybee and I went off to the petting zoo. There is a local one literally right down the street and since we didn’t feel like going anywhere far away, ok we were too lazy to go anywhere far away, we decided to go there. It started off as a really nice excursion until we went into the horse pen. Most of the ponies and donkeys in the pen were super sweet. They let you come right up to them and pet them. Except for one and he did not like me! He tried to bite me…..TWICE!!! I am not sure what I did to anger him but he was really mad at me. I didn’t do anything to him but he was really ticked off. He would come really close to me and bare his teeth and I swear there were some flaring nostrils too. So needless to say I grabbed the baybee and went to see the sheep.