How friggin’ rude!!

My department consists of my boss, his boss and myself. That’s it. No one else, no interns no secretaries nothing, just us. And half the time it’s usually just me. My boss is out of the office on Tuesdays and Thursdays and his boss is always in and out. So I spend most of my day by myself with my ipod. Because of this I tend to hang out with the chickies just over the ‘wall’. I used to work in their dept but I needed more $$$ so I made the jump over here. There are no hard feelings, any of them would have done the same thing and we’re cool. Or at least that’s what I thought.

Yesterday they had a wedding ‘shower’ for one of the people over there and they didn’t invite me. How friggin rude is that?! Whenever we have anything we call them over, we even cater for them. I know the dude who’s getting married, we’re not friends but I don’t want to see him hit by a bus either. They catered for 45 and there are only 22 of them. Why in the hell couldn’t they just stick their head over and say – M come over there’s lots of food and you’re all by yourself.

I’m not impressed! Let them come over and try to raid my candy drawer; I’ll very politely let them know that their dept should get their own!!