A whole bunch of randomness!

I have a whole bunch of thoughts swimming around in my head right now and I just can’t seem to get them organized. As a result I have eaten half a book of veggie thins and am feeling yucky.

Here are my issues:

Beybee is still on the bottle -

According to my mother of all toddler books, beybee should be weaned off the bottle by now. But I just can’t do it. Does this mean that I am a bad mom? Am I scarring my child for life? Will he grow up and accumulate so outlandish therapy bill because he wasn’t weaned by 15 months?? I just wanna be a good mommy!!

Potty training 101 -

Beybee has started squatting when he goes poo. He walks over to the potty, opens it up and sits on it and when nothing happens he walks away. These are all signs that he is ready to be potty trained (as per the book) but it doesn’t say exactly how to potty train. Am I supposed to put him into training pants? How long is he supposed to sit on the potty for? Should I take the potty to daycare and have him use it there too? Also, what if I am misinterpreting his queues and he’s not ready? But what if I am not misinterpreting his queues and he is ready and I don’t start training him? Once again, I just wanna be a good mommy.

I’m blech!

I hate my hair and I’m fat!


leeesssaaa said...

are you pmsing???