Smells yummy *drool*

Someone ordered in lunch, smells like French fries, and it smells delicious! I wasn’t very hungry before, but now I am starving and I don’t think that my salad is going to cut it. So as I sit here quietly salivating at the good stuff this chickie is eating at her desk, I got to thinking about smelly stuff that you shouldn’t be eating at your desk. Don’t get me wrong I have no issues with people eating as they work (heck I do it all the time) I do have issues with certain foods though.

Onion buns – these harmless little buns carry a big smell, especially when you warm them up. These should be enjoyed outside of your cubicle, and maybe outdoors.

Boiled eggs – In any form these are stinky. Please don’t subject me to the smell, I am not saying that they shouldn’t be enjoyed, just please enjoy them in wide open spaces.

Steamed or boiled Broccoli - These bad boys are super healthy, and doctors recommend that you eat broccoli quite frequently. But please do so near an open window.

Fish – another good for you food. Most fish is full of omega 3’s & 6’s, heck it even makes your hair shiny, but it should be eaten on the patio.

So bon appetite folks, I am off to lunch!