Follow up – Crazy A$$ Horse

Hubby, Baybee & Stinky went to the petting zoo yesterday to pay another visit to the animals but I didn't go. The horse trauma stopped me from going anywhere near the petting zoo. So I stayed at home with Auntie and worked on dinner.

When they came back they had news about the horse that snapped at me. Apparently the crazy horse was segregated from the other horses and donkeys. It seems that he has been nipping at a lot of people, not just me. So they moved him into his own pen away from everything.

Which made me wonder – what happened to this horse that made it so angry? Was it tormented constantly over the last little while or is it just a mean spirited horse? And what’s going to happen now. The petting zoo can’t keep a horse around little kids that keeps snapping, can they? What happens if someone gets bitten?

I am going to do some research and find out what happens to animals in this situation.