The dangers of unmarked drugs…..

I am forever swiping Tylenol from my co-workers desks. OK – so I am not really stealing, I usually let them know when I am going to break into their stash. I am too lazy to bring my own, and most of them have a plentiful stash that they don’t mind sharing. Since purses have gotten smaller, the girls have their Tylenol in whatever containers they could find: ziplock baggies, old prescription bottles, even an Altoids case. But I believe them when they tell me that it is Tylenol that I am taking.

But maybe I should start to question them. I just took something that resembled a Tylenol but it is not acting like a Tylenol. I am so dizzy, the screen is moving, and my head is so heavy it won’t stay up. I am definitely loopy! I am going for a walk, hopefully I will be better when I get back. But if you don’t hear from me, it means that I have been fired for being drugged on the job!