I need clothes!

The friggin’ weather has decided to switch into fall mode in August and as a result I am freezing my butt off. I feel so bad going out and buying clothes though. I would rather go out and get some fall stuff for beybee than go out and get stuff for me. Plus there’s the whole budget thing. When I go shopping I tend to go overboard and then when its time to pay some bills I am screwed. So I made a list of things that I will need for fall and hopefully this keeps me on track.

2 pairs of pants (one black and one dark grey)
4 – 5 work appropriate t-shirts (I hate button down shirts, I have been getting away with t-shirts for a while and I am hoping to keep getting away with them)
2 – 3 light sweaters (I like layers)
1 black cardigan (but not an old lady one)

It doesn’t look like much but believe me this is going to come to at least $200! GGGGRRRRRR!!!!!