Why so serious?

(I just love that line. R.I.P. Heath Ledger)

I usually try to stay away from politics, but I really have to get this out. Firstly, I am Canadian, so I am not a supporter of either candidate so this is not a shot at either of the candidates. Its just an observation.

I have been reading other blogs and I am just shocked at what I am seeing. The US presidential election has just gotten disgusting. The mudslinging and hatred that is being perpetuated is very disturbing. There is so much anger from both sides. Supporters of Obama and McCain are getting so personal. Obama and McCain just entered into the limelight, before that they were like every other senator. A nameless, faceless decision maker. Why is it people are hating them now, you only just met them. Just because they are running for the opposition does not mean that you have to dislike them by association.

Families, age, and religion are nobody's business and should be off limit. Voters should be concerned with the policies that the candidate want to implement not their private lives.

What does a pastor, age or a middle name have to do with economic policy, environmental issues, and a war? Why is it that gestures, eye contact, and hand shakes are being analyzed and commented on but there are in depth analysis being conducted on contingency plans for the billion dollar bailout? Why aren't these issues on the forefront?

This is an election not a popularity contest, I think people have forgotten that.