Life is screwing up my diet!

I know that is a sorry excuse, and that I should have the drive and willpower to make some serious life changes. But I don't. I'm lazy and would really like to just take a pill and lose the weight.

But that ain't going to happen. I have to pull up my socks and really work at this.

And I have been trying. This morning I packed up a great breakfast, lunch and snacks. They were all healthy and well balanced. Then I was informed that my attendance was mandatory at lunch. So I forfeited my lunch and went out with the group. And that's when all my wholesome thinking went out the window. I had the option of having a Greek salad with some mineral water or something truly scrumptious ~ a pizza, hamburger, or a warm apple crisp topped with caramel and ice cream. I caved and had a personal pizza and the apple crisp. I couldn't help it, my eyes zoned in on the bad stuff and couldn't focus on the healthy fare.

Maybe I need glasses, or maybe I just need to stop going out for lunch either way I blame life because if it wasn't so busy I would be skinny.