Adventures in a port a potty

Desperate times lead me outside to the port – a – potty and whoo boy! It was an adventure!

There was a puddle on the step that more closely resembled a lake than a puddle. I had to hike up my skirt and take a very un-lady like step up into the potty to avoid it. Once in there I had to stop myself from gagging.

It was dark and dingy and if my bladder wasn’t on the verge of explosion I would have turned back around and left. But I had no choice; it was either use these facilities or wet myself.

Then it happened. Someone in the potty next door moved and my entire unit shifted to the left. I had to grab onto the paper towel dispenser for balance. I guess whoever it was next door sat back down again because my unit shifted again this time to the right. By this point, I said screw you to my bursting bladder and ran as fast out of the potty. I held it long enough to make it to the proper bathrooms next door.

Never again!!