Me spokes good

I have lost whatever hold I ever had on the English language. I just listened to a message that I left on my voicemail (I do that to remind me of things because I tend to misplace post its) and I can’t talk. I don’t know quite what I was trying to say and I was sober at the time!!

My sentences are full of likes, um, and ahs. I hate that! When people put on the valley girl accent and talk like Paris Hilton it drives me crazy, and I do it!! Shoot me now!!

I used to have an extensive vocabulary and take great pride in how I spoke (no sh*t I really did) but not anymore. Maybe this is what the working world has done to me because sure as heck no one speaks proper here. Its either here or TV. I am not sure how its TV’s fault, but everyone always blames TV for stuff so now I am blaming TV too.