Giving for the sake of giving

There are certain things in this world that I feel strongly about and cause me to morph into a psycho bitch.

*My opinions may not be shared by all but they are still my opinions and I am entitled to them.*

Don’t mess with my family (this includes my mother, father, son, niece, sister, and husband)
If anyone says anything remotely derogatory about my family, I can and will rip your throat out. I can say whatever I want about them whenever I chose, they are my family and I have that right, no one else does.

Pedophiles (Or anyone that else that mistreats children)
I don’t think that they are human and I don’t think that they such be treated as such. If someone is convicted multiple times over of hurting a child, I believe very firmly that they should be sentenced to corporal punishment. And I am not talking about death by electrocution or lethal injection. I think that they should suffer and die slowly.

All people are equal and should be treated as such
Regardless of gender, race, or religion every being on this planet is deserving of our acceptance and respect. If they do something to lose that respect so be it but no person should be treated like a second class citizen based on who they are. No man, woman or child should be homeless, hungry or cold. Given the society we live in we can help even it we help in the tiniest way.

That being said I am seriously ticked off at the moment.

Thanksgiving is coming up and the Food Bank has started its annual Thanksgiving food drive. Thus far I have made two donations and I fully intend to donate at least one more time before the holiday actually arrives. I don’t make a boatload of money but I have passed on some snack foods this week and I have picked up some extra cans of baby food to put in the donation box. I don’t do this for any kind of recognition; I do it so a baby somewhere in this city doesn’t cry itself to sleep because he/she is hungry.

I know that times are tight and that a lot of people are struggling to make ends meet but it ticks me off to see an empty donation box. Especially in the grocery stores and malls that are ‘up scale’. IMO – if you have the money to afford a Cadillac truck with the rims and the gas to put in it, please just buy a couple cans of soup and drop it in the box. Someone out there needs it or else they wouldn’t be doing these drives.

Also, don’t use a food drive as an excuse to clean out your cupboards. Just cause they can’t afford food doesn’t mean that they want your tea with hoodia in it or soya sauce (no joke that was in there). If you don’t have anything readily available to donate, stop by the store and pick up a can of something – it won’t kill you!

*end rant*