Love Me Some Rushdie *swoon*

Almost finished reading Salman Rushdie’s lastest novel; The Enchantress of Florence and I am loving it. He is some a phenomenal author I just had to share. He is an amazing story teller who can weave history, politics and fiction into this hypnotic collection of stories and events. His stories have a mass appeal that makes them enjoyable to academics and book lovers alike. I love his ability to use hegemony in a non – academic context!!

This book is no exception. He draws you into a story featuring Machiavelli as a central character and then spins in to incorporating Arabian princesses and Persian mercenaries. It is brilliant.

I am the first to admit that he is not an easy read. It takes time to savor his work but once you get hooked there is no turning back. It you haven’t read one of his books I suggest you do. My favorite of all time is Shame, followed closely by Shalimar the Clown and I recommend that you start with one of those.

I ♥ Salman Rushdie.